Support room in addition to track?


From IRC:

jsundquist: What would you think of having a track and a room associated to each talk
jsundquist: in theory someone could take this schedule and use it on their site.
jsundquist: They would be able to list out what room the talk is in and also list the track it belongs within
jsundquist: Not sure how that would work for your display purposes.
lornajane: sundquist: we're not sure either but we're happy to have the feature
lornajane: I guess the tracks get colours if the rooms have columns? That's how most events do it
lornajane: although we'll need to display the track info in the talk detail too for anyone who doesn't find colours a useful indicator
lornajane: some events don't have "topic" tracks, a track would be a room, not sure how to handle that
lornajane: jsundquist: but patches very genuinely welcome on that (feel free to delegate the actual patching to a friend)
jsundquist: Yeah I'm not sure how it would work out in my head either
jsundquist: Take confoo for instance. They have many different topics in many different rooms.
jsundquist: Each topic is color coded and the room is just the column.
jsundquist: In the case of if there are no rooms than the topic title would be used for the titles.




Rob Allen