Hide rating and comments until a certain threshold has been reached or a certain number of days after the talk have passee


I've seen that a lot of ratings are given depending on the first rating. So when a talk received a good rating most of the follow-ups will also be good, when a talk received a bad first rating a lot of follow-ups will be bad as well. Yes, that might be due to the fact that the talk actually was good or bad. But in discussions with other speakers that feeling seems to be widespread.

So the idea would be to hide comments and ratings until a certain (perhaps configurable) threshold has been reached. So the first ratings and comments would be hidden until at least f.e. three ratings have been given for a talk. Then all three will be shown so that following ratings aren't as influenced by the first rating as they might be today.

After a certain amount of time (24 hours?) all ratings will be shown regardless of the number of ratings. So after 24 hours everyone can see the ratings even though there might only be one or two…

What do you think?

Implementation-wise I could imagine that the API just doesn't return comments until the threshold has been reached or the 24 hours have passed. The question is whether the threshold should be configurable on a per event, per user or per talk base. Or will they be configurable only joind.in-wide?




Andreas Heigl